Tennessee Center for Patient Safety (TCPS)

TCPS is a Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) patient safety initiative focusing on improving quality and preventing healthcare-acquired infections in Tennessee hospitals. TCPS was founded in 2007 with funding from the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation. This funding was renewed for the program’s expansion in 2010. Areas of concentration include central line-associatedblood stream infections (CLABSI), neonatal CLABSI, surgical site infections (SSI), OB early elective deliveries (EED) and the surgical care improvement project (SCIP).

TCPS also was awarded a contract in December 2011 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) as a hospital engagement network (HEN). The center is one of 26 organizations to receive the award. Through the HEN contract, TCPS has expanded its efforts to include other topics, such as adverse drug events (ADE), falls with injury, pressure ulcers, ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and venous thromboembolisms (VTE).

The center supports its safety partner hospitals by providing data collection tools, data analysis/reporting, education, site visits, training, improvement strategies and expert resources.

Tennessee Surgical Quality Collaborative

The Tennessee Surgical Quality Collaborative (TSQC) is a project of 22 Tennessee hospitals seeking to measure and improve the care of surgical patients throughout the state. The TSQC is a collaboration between the Tennessee chapter of the American College of Surgeons, THA’s Tennessee Center for Patient Safety and participating hospitals. The TSQC was funded through a generous grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Health Foundation. This funding significantly reduces barriers for Tennessee surgeons and hospitals wishing to participate in – and benefit from- the program. For more information, www.tnsqc.com

Patient Safety Organization (PSO)

Effective July 2009, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality authorized the Tennessee Center for Patient Safety to provide patient safety organization (PSO) services to healthcare organizations and individual healthcare providers. Under the federal Patient Safety & Improvement Act of 2005, Patient Safety Organizations can engage their members in open discussion and analysis of serious adverse events without fear of information being disclosed or used against them. Tennessee hospitals are invited to join the TCPS PSO to share, analyze, and learn from patient safety events in a protected environment for the purpose of improving patient care.

THA Council on Clinical and Professional Practices

This council monitors proposals and changes in professional licensure rules and their impact on hospitals and advises THA on a variety of clinical practice issues. This committee meets at least once a year.

THA Quality Committee

This committee serves as an advisory committee to the THA board of directors. It recommends a philosophy and common framework for quality improvement and patient safety initiatives of the association and its members specifically related to public sharing of data and information. This committee is further tasked with recommending and prioritizing THA strategies to support and assist members in quality improvement and patient safety activities. This committee meets twice a year, with conference calls as needed.