THA Selected to Continue Improvements in Patient Safety

Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks to continue patient safety improvement efforts started under the Partnership for Patients initiative

Nashville, Tenn. – The Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) has been selected as one of the state hospital associations under the Health Research and Education Trust (HRET) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) to continue efforts in reducing preventable hospital-acquired conditions and readmissions.

Through the Partnership for Patients initiative – a nationwide public-private collaboration that began in 2011 to reduce preventable hospital-acquired conditions by 40 percent and 30-day readmissions by 20 percent – THA will continue to participate in  this national effort to improve patient care in the hospital setting. This third round of the program will continue across three years.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has rebranded the Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) as the Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN). The HIIN program will integrate CMS’ Quality Improvement Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) program and the current Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) program to continue the work of the Partnership for Patients. The Hospital Improvement Innovation Network contracts awarded build upon the collective momentum of the HENs and QIN-QIOs to reduce patient harm and readmissions.

By aligning these programs, CMS expects to advance the systematic use of innovative patient safety practices on a national scale. The period of performance for the HIINs begins in September 2016 and consists of one 24-month base period and one 12- month option year, during which support and technical assistance will be provided to 4,000 hospitals.

Through 2019, HIINs across the nation will work to achieve a 20 percent decrease in overall patient harm and a 12 percent reduction in 30-day hospital readmissions as a population-based measure (readmissions per 1,000 people) from the 2014 baseline.  Efforts to address health equity for Medicare beneficiaries will be central to the HIIN efforts. CMS will monitor and evaluate the activities of the HIINs to ensure that they are generating results and improving patient safety.

“Patient safety has long been a top priority for THA and the hospitals that have participated in the Tennessee Center for Patient Safety’s projects. Most importantly, they have agreed to openly collaborate and share best practices to reduce patient harm and readmissions,” said Craig A. Becker, THA president and CEO. “We are very proud of the progress our hospitals have already made in these areas, but we strive to continue to work together to realize the goal zero preventable harm.”

During THA’s initial three-year HEN contract, hospital members significantly reduced patient harms and changed practices through the Partnership for Patients program, resulting in 11,109 fewer adverse events/readmissions and estimated cost savings of $91,164,925 in Tennessee.

During THA’s second one-year HEN contract, hospital members avoided 2,857 fewer harm events and had an estimated cost savings of $13,374,804 statewide.

“We have made significant progress in keeping patients safe – an estimated 2.1 million fewer patients harmed, 87,000 lives saved and nearly $20 billion in cost-savings from 2010 to 2014 – and we are focused on accelerating improvement efforts,” said Patrick Conway, M.D., CMS acting principal deputy administrator and chief medical officer. “The work of the Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks will allow us to continue to improve health care safety across the nation and reduce readmissions at a national scale – keeping people as safe and healthy as possible.”

About the Partnership for Patients

The Partnership for Patients model is one of the first models established in 2011 to be tested under the authority of section 1115A of the Social Security Act (the Act), with the goal of reducing program expenditures while preserving or enhancing the quality of care. Since the launch of the Partnership for Patients and the work of HENs in collaboration with many other stakeholders, the vast majority of U.S. hospitals have delivered results as demonstrated by the achievement of unprecedented national reductions in harm. CMS believes the upcoming work of the HIINs, working as part of the QIOs’ work to improve patient safety and the quality of care in the Medicare program, will continue the great strides made in improving care provided to beneficiaries.

For more information on the Partnership for Patients or to join the THA HIIN, contact Patrice Mayo at THA, 615.256.8240.