Haslam Issues Executive Order to Aide with Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief

Earlier today, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam issued Executive Order 66, which suspends specific sections of Tennessee law related to healthcare services and programs, in order to maximize support for those fleeing from the path of Hurricane Irma.

Included in the order is the suspension of:

  • The relevant provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) Titles 63 and 68, and related rules are hereby suspended to give the Commissioner of Health the discretion to allow a healthcare professional who is licensed in another state, and who would otherwise be subject to licensing requirements under Title 63 or Title 68, to engage in the practice of such individual’s profession, if such individual is an evacuee from Hurricane Irma, or if the individual is a healthcare professional who is assisting such evacuees.
  • The provisions of TCA Section 63-10-207(a) and (c), are hereby suspended to allow a pharmacist to dispense a 14-day supply of a prescription drug without proper authorization to evacuees from Hurricane Irma, subject to all other provisions of TCA Section 63-10-207.

The order also suspends rules related to programs administered by the Department of Health, with all suspensions to remain in effect until Sept. 25, 2017.

THA will continue to keep members informed on additional developments related to the response to Hurricane Irma.

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