Messaging Tool Available to Help Hospitals Speak Out on Behalf of Patients

A message from the Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care:

Amplify the Hospital Message

Urge your employees to speak out on behalf of their patients, Easy-to-use Coalition tool can help

Health care coverage is at risk. House leaders continue to seek the 216 votes needed to pass a revised version of the American Health Care Act. The revised bill to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could make it harder for millions of Americans to buy health insurance or maintain coverage under the Medicaid program. It also could reduce hospitals’ ability to provide essential care.

A vote in the House is possible as early as this week. We need every member of the hospital family to tell their elected officials:

Ensure health care coverage is available and affordable for all. Vote no on the ACA replacement bill.

To make it easy for your employees to add their voices to the debate, please share the link below through your internal email or newsletter and urge them to take action:

On the website, they will be prompted to enter their home address. They will then be taken to a screen with a pre-populated message for their specific member of Congress, urging him or her not to support the American Health Care Act. They can edit the message, if they choose, or just enter their name and email and hit “send.” It’s that easy.

Every voice helps. Please encourage your employees to reach out to their legislators at this critical time.