THA and the Tennessee Department of Health host C.A.R.E Training

Workplace violence is on the rise. Healthcare facilities continue to be at risk for violence in their environment. Providing your staff with essential communication techniques and tools to manage an escalating situation, improve the safety of your staff and patients and lead to outcomes that decrease or eliminate the potential for injury. This day of training provides strategies for reducing the risk and anxiety surrounding workplace violence in healthcare. Utilizing tactical communication skills, situational awareness and workplace violence prevention skills along with crisis intervention training set the stage for ongoing training in your facilities to minimize the violence now occurring in the workplace. Actual scenario based training will be used to compliment the training and give attendees a chance to practice what they have learned.

Target Audience:  This program is designed for chief executive officers, behavioral health professionals, chief nursing officers, clinical directors, chief operating officers, emergency department contacts, healthcare engineers, patient safety officers, public relations and marketing directors, emergency readiness contacts and local hospital readiness professionals, EMS, fire, and law enforcement.

Certificate: All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

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