New TN Together Opioid Prescribing Legislation

Legislation brought in 2018 by Governor Bill Haslam to address the state’s opioid crisis through tougher prescribing limits has been enacted as Public Chapter 1039. THA previously sent to members a memo that outlines the provisions of the law.

The new law significantly changes the existing restrictions and limitations on opioid prescriptions and includes additional requirements for prescribers when prescribing to patients currently not taking opioids.

Hospitals are exempt for administration of opioids directly to a patient during the patient’s treatment at a licensed facility (as defined by Title 68, Chapter 11 or Title 33, Chapter 2, Part 4). However, the new requirements and limitations do apply for discharge prescriptions.

To assist providers with implementing the statute, the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) has posted a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document on the new TN Together opioid prescribing legislation. THA and TDH hosted a conference call with member hospitals to review the FAQ and provide further clarification on the law from TDH’s chief medical officer, David Reagan, M.D. Additional resources are posted on the state TN Together website and on the TennCare Pharmacy Program site.