THA Statement of Support for Mask Wearing

Below is a statement from THA President and CEO Wendy Long, M.D., regarding wearing face coverings.

“We are once again at a crossroads and we need our fellow Tennesseans to help ensure we head down the better path.

“COVID cases and hospitalizations are rising again, and if these trends continue, we could experience bed capacity issues in certain parts of the state. We all need beds and available staff in our hospitals not only to care for COVID patients, but to care for those experiencing heart attacks, strokes, injuries and all other kinds of issues that may require a stay in the hospital. Delaying care or preventive screenings also can lead to worse patient outcomes and greater costs, so it is critical that the healthcare system maintains the ability to serve all patients.

“If you live in a community where it hasn’t yet become common to take extra precautions, be the example. Show that you care for your fellow community members by wearing a mask in public, staying six feet apart from others and avoiding large gatherings where these precautions aren’t possible. If we take precautions, it also will help businesses stay open and prevent additional financial hardships.

“Doing these things will not only help the economy, and protect hospital capacity and healthcare workers in your community, but it may also save the life of a family member, friend or neighbor.”