Membership Districts

THA Membership Districts

Memphis District (1)
West District (2)
Middle District (3)
South Middle District (4)
Mid-East District (5)
Chattanooga District (6)
Knoxville District (7)
Northeast District (8)

THA organizes member hospitals and health systems into eight geographic districts. Each of these districts is functions as a self-governing body that elects officers and carriers out district-related programs during the year, as well as helps implement association programs.

The districts provide an important link between THA and the specific, geographically-related needs and interests of the association’s members. Hospital and health system executives, board members and other individuals should feel free to contact their district representatives.

THA Membership District Presidents

Rob Clark, Memphis District (1)
Director, Government Affairs
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Memphis, TN
THA Staff Liaison: Mike Dietrich

Tom Gee, West District (2)
Chief Executive Officer
Henry County Medical Center
Paris, TN
THA Staff Liaison: Gwyn Walters

Donald Webb, Middle District (3)
Chief Executive Officer
Williamson Medical Center
Franklin, TN
THA Staff Liaison: Chris Clarke

Alan Watson, South Middle District (4)
Chief Executive Officer
Maury Regional Healthcare System
Columbia, TN
THA Staff Liaison: Bryan Metzger

Scott Bowman, Mid-East District (5)
Sweetwater Hospital Association
Sweetwater, TN
THA Staff Liaison: Bill Jolley

Jarrett Millsaps, Chattanooga District (6)
Chief Executive Officer
Parkridge East Hospital
Chattanooga, TN
THA Staff Liaison: Casey Dungan

Don Heinemann, Knoxville District (7)
Chief Executive Officer
Blount Memorial Hospital
Maryville, TN
THA Staff Liaison: Jim Goodloe

Chuck Whitfield, Northeast District (8)
Laughlin Memorial Hospital
Greeneville, TN
THA Staff Liaison: Ashley Fyffe