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  • Craig Becker

    President and Chief Executive Officer Email
  • Mary Layne Van Cleave

    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Email
  • Lizzy Adeyemi

    Infection Preventionist, Tennessee Center for Patient Safety Email
  • Beth Atwood

    Senior Director, Communications and Marketing Email
  • Teresa Benedetti

    Executive Assistant, Tennessee Center for Patient Safety Email
  • Lacey Blair

    Senior Director of Advocacy Email
  • Joe Burchfield

    Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Communications Email
  • Chris Clarke

    Senior Vice President, Clinical Services, Tennessee Center for Patient Safety Email
  • Sarah Cooley

    Data Analyst Email
  • Tina Crothers

    Executive Assistant, Executive Office Email
  • Suzette Crutchfield

    Vice President, Human Resources Email
  • Carol Darnell

    Building Manager Email
  • Kristin Day

    Manager of Marketing, Solutions Group Email
  • Rhonda Dickman

    Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist, Tennessee Center for Patient Safety Email
  • Michael Dietrich

    Vice President, Member Services Email
  • Dia Duer

    Accounting Specialist Email
  • Mark Edwards

    Building Technician Email
  • Kari Ellis

    Project Manager, Tennessee Center for Patient Safety Email
  • Michele Estes

    Executive Assistant, Rural Issues Email
  • Valerie Floyd-Hagewood

    Administrative Project Coordinator, Education Email
  • Claudette Fergus

    Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist Email
  • Jim Goodloe

    Senior Vice President Email
  • Joe Greene

    Senior Vice President, Solutions Group Email
  • Sheila Henderson

    Accounting Specialist Email
  • Jared Holt

    Director of Information Technology Email
  • Yolanda James

    Director, Public Relations and Strategy Email
  • Josh Jenkins

    Administrative Assistant, Accounting/Receptionist Email
  • Bill Jolley

    Senior Vice President, Rural Health Issues Email
  • Becky Jones

    Assistant Director, Data Analysis Email
  • Tammy Kemp

    Senior Executive Assistant to the President and THA Board and Staff Development Officer Email
  • Lin Keyes

    Statistical Programmer Email
  • Larissa Lee

    Director, Health Information Network Email
  • Patrice Mayo

    Vice President, Operations, Tennessee Center for Patient Safety Email
  • Jennifer McIntosh

    Clinical Quality Data Manager, Tennessee Center for Patient Safety Email
  • Bryan Metzger

    Senior Vice President, Information Services Email
  • Jackie Moreland

    Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist, Tennessee Center for Patient Safety Email
  • Kristin Neal

    Assistant Vice President of Operations, Tennessee Center for Health Workforce Development Email
  • David Neiger

    Senior Vice President, Accounting/Chief Financial Officer Email
  • Amanda Newell

    Vice President, Financial Policy Email
  • Adrienne Nordman

    Senior Director, Member Services Email
  • Blake O’Donnell

    Executive Assistant, Solutions Group Email
  • Andrea Pretty

    Senior Accountant Email
  • Nora Sewell

    HIN Data Analyst Email
  • Alex Shegelsky

    Systems Administrator Email
  • Andrew Shelton

    Web Developer and IT Specialist Email
  • Vicki Spoonemore

    Executive Assistant, Government Affairs and Communications and Information Services Email
  • Darlene Swart

    Vice President, Clinical and Regulatory Research and Consultation Email
  • Patrick Turri

    Assistant Vice President, Data Analysis Email
  • Zac Upchurch

    Director, Digital Media and Design Email
  • Elizabeth Walker

    Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Communications, Tennessee Hospital Association Email
  • Gwyn Walters

    Vice President, Research and Reimbursement Email
  • Mary Ann Watson

    Workforce Network Development Director Email
  • Penny Wiggs

    Education Specialist Email
  • Karen Wood

    Assistant Vice President, Accounting/Controller Email
  • Lisa Wright

    Vice President, Education Email