Federal Issues

THA works in close contact with the American Hospital Association to establish relationships with congressional members and advocate for the support of hospitals and health systems in Tennessee. Members can rely on THA to communicate effectively with our representation in Washington and to transmit information in a timely manner back to the membership.

THA Priority Issues:

THA ACA Repeal and Replace/Repair Key Issues (Feb. 2017)

  • Must occur in tandem
  • Stabilize insurance markets and provide legitimate access to healthcare services
  • Repeal all cuts to hospitals and health systems if increased coverage is lost
  • Be fair to states like Tennessee when setting the base costs for Medicaid reform
  • Reauthorize CHIP
  • Continue current 340B eligibility and rural hospital program extenders

Reform the Medicare Area Wage Index

  • Rep. Black (TN) and Sen. Isakson (GA) to reintroduce legislation