Friends of THA PAC

About Friends of THA PAC

Friends of THA is the political action committee (PAC) of the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA). The PAC raises funds that are pooled together and contributed to the campaign of candidates running for state office who are sensitive to healthcare issues. Donating to Friends of THA is an excellent way to have a positive impact on legislative and regulatory decisions that affect patients, hospitals, health systems and home health operations.

Friends of THA is an independent, unincorporated political action committee, also referred to as a PAC. It is not affiliated with any local or national political group or party.

Download a copy of the Friends of THA 2021 Contribution Form.

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2014 PAC Awards

President of the district that raised the highest percentage of its goal

Alan Watson, South Middle District

Hospital exceeding PAC goal by the highest percentage

River Park Hospital
Tim McGill, Chief Executive officer, accepting

Healthcare system exceeding PAC goal by the highest percentage

Capella Healthcare, Inc.
Mark Medley, Senior Vice President and President, Hospital Operations, accepting

First hospital to reach its
PAC goal

Lauderdale Community Hospital
Tammie Hardy, Director, Materials Management,

Hospital raising the highest total contributions

Vanderbilt University Hospitals
David Posch, Chief Executive Officer