Sepsis Awareness Month


Sepsis accounts for at least eight million deaths worldwide each year. Yet, less than 50 percent of the population knows about sepsis.

In Tennessee, 75,000 adults and 800 children were hospitalized for sepsis in 2019. Sepsis is the body’s abnormal response to an infection. Common symptoms include fever, chilling, fast heart rate, fast breathing, foggy thinking, weakness, hurting and generally feeling very sick. The symptoms are mild at first, but worsen quickly and can lead to permanent disability or death. Early recognition and treatment are vital for survival, so if you think you or a loved one has signs of sepsis, seek medical attention right away and say, “I am concerned about sepsis.”

World Sepsis Day is observed on Sept. 13 each year, and is an opportunity for people to unite in the fight against sepsis. To help maximize hospitals’ participation, THA has created a digital toolkit, complete with social media graphics, content, videos and tips. Information will be added to the toolkit throughout the month of September, so check back often. Please join THA and hospitals across the state in this month-long sepsis media awareness campaign and share how your hospital is working to #StopSepsis.

Hospitals can participate in the awareness campaign in a variety of ways, which are detailed below.

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Please use the following hashtags when you make or share a post and tag THA:  #StopSepsis, #SepsisAwareness, #SepsisAwarenessMonth and #WorldSepsisDay

Photo Challenge:

Take a picture of yourself or your team with one of the sepsis awareness promotional signs. Click the images below, to download and print.

Share the picture on social media via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #WorldSepsisDay, or tweet the picture at THA directly – @tnhosptials.

THA will highlight pictures on its website after World Sepsis Day and throughout the month.

Sample Social Media Posts:

Below are some suggested social media posts to share. Make them your own or use these samples as inspiration for other posts!

  • “As health professionals, all of us at <insert hospital name> are committed to providing the best #qualitycare to everyone in our community and working every day to #StopSepsis. #MyTNhospital #SepsisAwareness #SepsisAwarenessMonth
  • “Our whole team at <insert hospital name> recognizes their vital role in stopping sepsis #MyTNhospital #StopSepsis #SepsisAwareness,
  • Sepsis is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Take it seriously and know the signs. (link to CDC website)

Using a mobile phone to record short videos, provide hospital team members with one of the following prompts to create a personal post about the importance of this month.

  • What is Sepsis? What are the most common warning signs of sepsis?
  • What should someone do if they think they might have sepsis?
  • How has sepsis touched your life?
  • Talk about how sepsis is a critical issue for Tennessee
  • THA has compiled sepsis statistics you can use. Feel free to share statistics from your own hospital (example: “<your hospital name> cared for over <number> people with sepsis last year.).

Do not forget to tag THA and include #StopSepsis, #SepsisAwareness, #SepsisAwarenessMonth, #WorldSepsisDay and #MyTNhospital in all posts so the conversation can be tracked, and others can join in the observance.

Downloadable Graphics:


Click the link below to download graphics from our #StopSepsis campaign. Please consider reposting THA’s social posts and sharing other #SepsisAwareness content throughout the month.







If you have questions about Sepsis Awareness Month and how your hospital can get involved, contact Elizabeth Walker at THA, 615-401-7468.