Board Certification Program

The Trustee Council has designed a hospital governance certification process that is unique to Tennessee, and enables hospitals to utilize best practices and demonstrate to lawmakers, regulators, physicians, employees, the business community and other community stakeholders that Tennessee hospitals:

  • Understand and embrace the need for governance accountability
  • Govern according to a standard of excellence
  • Are willing to formally certify their adherence to governance best practices

Program Information

2016 Certified Boards

Three Star (100% of board certified):

Maury Regional Medical Center

Wayne Medical Center

Marshall Medical Center

NorthCrest Medical Center

Hardin Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Erlanger Health System

West Tennessee Healthcare

Two Star (70-99% of board certified):

Wellmont Health System

Sweetwater Hospital Association

CHI Memorial Health Care System

One Star (40-69% of board certified):

Tennessee Hospital Association

Best Practices and Other Resources

More information is available from many regional and national sources. These resources can be a great reference as board members navigate the governing process.

Trustee Education

THA offers a variety of education opportunities for trustees, which satisfy the requirements of the THA board certification program.

With the recent weather-related disasters in Tennessee and other parts of the southeast, it’s important to be aware of your hospital’s disaster preparedness plan. This Board Brief provides information on how trustees can be involved in preparing a hospital for any number of crises.

Education for Trustees – Quality and Safety

Free access is being made available for a special quality and safety curriculum through the Institute for Health Improvement. Given the importance of the issues of quality and safety, this offer is being extended to trustees participating in THA’s Board Certification Program.

While the full curriculum examines issues related to quality and safety from a variety of perspectives, we feel specific courses may be of interest to trustees.  These education modules can be completed as a group as part of a board meeting, or can be an individual exercise as schedules permit.  All courses have three to five lessons lasting less than 30 minutes each.  Each lesson is eligible for continuing education credit.

The entire course listing and other details may be viewed at  The registration document is available here.

National Resources