Center for Health Workforce Development



Workforce in Tennessee

There are shortages and unequal distribution of the healthcare workforce in Tennessee. We aim to fix that. It’s a lofty goal but one that is attainable.

Our programs include: recruiting and placing physicians and psychiatric nurse practitioners in shortage areas, providing money to medical residents in exchange for a commitment to serve, up to $30,000 available to hospitals and health centers to attract qualified caregivers, matching medical residents with rural rotations,  addressing the issues that cause nurses to leave hospital based employment and educating Tennessee students about the healthcare professions.

 The Center is Comprised of Four Divisions

Doctors & Communities
To make primary care easily accessible for all Tennesseans by connecting medical professionals with communities where care is needed most.

To be a catalyst, helping identify and resolve issues that contribute to the nursing shortage in Tennessee.

Allied Health
To build an abundant and skilled allied health workforce through academic and clinical partnerships, promotion of various allied health professions and connections with non-traditional students.

Pipeline Programs
To inspire Tennessee secondary school students to pursue a career in healthcare by providing knowledge, experiences and guidance.



Nursing Advocacy
Tennessee Nurses Association 

Additional Workforce Resources:

Healthcare Career Center, Rural Workforce Insights — from the Experts (6/2017)

Nursing Outlook (2016): How fast will the registered nurse workforce grow through 2030? Projections in nine regions of the country; David I. Auerbach, PhD, Peter I. Buerhaus, PhD, RN, FAAN, Douglas O. Staiger, PhD

The 4 forces that will Reshape Nursing (9/16): Peter I. Buerhaus, PhD, RN

The Economic Impact of Advanced Practice Nurses and Benefits of Expanding Their Scope of Practice in Tennessee: An Analysis of Local and State-Level Effects (11/17): Cyril F. Chang, PhD, David M. Mirvis, MD