COVID-19 Board Trustee Resources

Practical Guidance: The Board’s Role During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Karma Bass, MPH, FACHE with Via Healthcare Consulting has created a practical guide for board trustees during the COVID-19 Pandemic, describing what board member should and should not be doing during a time of crisis.  The guide identifies actions and behaviors governing board members should undertake (or avoid) during the pandemic.

FREE Webinar: Governance in the Time of Coronavirus: What Governing Boards Should Do Now to Deal with the Pandemic

Governance expert Jamie Orlikoff, President of Orlikoff & Associates, Inc., explains what boards should do to help their leadership teams, hospitals and themselves prepare for the immediate future of the pandemic. Orlikoff also outlines unique issues and actions that boards should think about now to ensure they stay ahead of unprecedented situations and challenges that are just around the corner.

View or download the webinar.

Thank you to the Texas Healthcare Trustees for providing this webinar resource.

A bonus article from Jamie Orlikoff,Tips for Board Effectiveness During the Pandemic, is also available for download.

AHA Podcast on the Board’s Role in Safety and COVID-19 Recovery

A recent AHA podcast addresses the role of governing boards as hospitals and health systems resume delivering comprehensive health care services. Governance expert Jamie Orlikoff and James Reinertsen, M.D., discuss actions that health care boards should consider as their organizations resume non-emergency care and anticipate and prepare for patient and staff safety concerns in a new landscape of care.

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