COVID Communications Digital Toolkit


Please use the following resources to help guide your hospital’s social media activity around sharing information about COVID-19, but feel free to personalize and share your own hospital’s stories, photos and experiences as much as possible. We will be adding resources to this page as they are created and shared on THA’s social media platforms, so check back often.

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Please remember to use the #COVID19 hashtag when sharing any COVID-19 related content on social media. Using hashtags will help your hospital take part in the conversation happening about COVID19 on social media and will make your posts more visible in that conversation. This can lead to greater engagement with followers and make your social media profiles more visible to the general public.

Please use the following hashtags when you make or share a post and tag THA so we can reshare your content:

  • #WearingIsCaring: when posting content encouraging the public to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID19
  • #CommittedToSafety: when posting messages encouraging the public not to delay visiting the hospital for care and to remind them of your hospital’s dedicated to quality care and their safety

Also, join THA in the #ThankYouTNhospitals social media campaign. Write a thank you message, thanking your hospital’s employees for their dedication to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and post it on your social media, using the #ThankYouTNhospitals hashtag. THA would love to reshare those messages and recognize your staff for all their hard work.

Downloadable Graphics:


Click the link below to download graphics from our #WearingIsCaring mask campaign, graphics thanking Tennessee hospitals, messages to the public about not delaying care and graphics about COVID-19 prevention guidelines.


If you have questions about THA’s COVID Communications Digital Toolkit, contact  or 615-401-7468.