Emergency Preparedness

THA’s emergency preparedness and response resources are designed to assist hospitals and health systems in planning for and reacting to hazards and regional disasters.  Health care planning establishes hospital and community readiness before an emergency, and a proven response and recovery framework during and after an emergency. Health care readiness also increases overall community resiliency.

The Tennessee Hospital Association serves as a liaison between hospitals and the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH), the American Hospital Association and other federal and state agencies. THA also partners directly with the TDH to provide ongoing education and training to communities all over the state via federal grant funding for disaster readiness and response.


2019 Upcoming Events:

Opioid Outbreak Plan
The ongoing opioid epidemic puts Tennessee at high-risk for experiencing an outbreak of fatal or nonfatal overdoses. In this scenario-based interdisciplinary exercise, your community will identify and respond to an increase in opioid-related overdoses by communicating with key partners and determining roles and responsibilities. THA has partnered with TDH to offer a complimentary Opioid Outbreak Response Tabletop Exercise in 8 locations.

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Evidence Based Training for EMS Practitioners in the Assessment and Treatment of Suspected Opioid Overdose
Overdoses from opioids have surpassed motor vehicle collisions as the leading cause of death in the United States.  The Tennessee Hospital Association and the Tennessee Department of Health are partnering to offer informative life-saving treatment in 8 regions.

This training is offered to trained emergency responders to include law enforcement officers, fire-based first responders, emergency medical services (EMS) practitioners and non-traditional licensed first responders (i.e. school nurses).  This training module is not intended for use by non-trained civilian bystanders.

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Past Presentations and Resources:

Containment of Candida auris Tabletop Exercise
Tennessee Hospital Association and Tennessee Department of Health hosted a tabletop exercise on containment of Candida auris at 8 locations throughout Tennessee in 2019.

Candida auris Resources:


State Resources:

Resources on state services and activities, Healthcare Coalition contacts and more available here.


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