Tennessee Health Link

On Dec. 1, 2016, the Tennessee Division of Health Care Finance and Administration (HCFA) launched Tennessee Health Link,  with the primary objective of of better coordinating healthcare services for TennCare members with the highest behavioral health needs. The Health Link program is designed to produce improved member outcomes, greater provider accountability and flexibility when it comes to the delivery of appropriate care for each individual and improved cost control for the state.

21 Health Link providers across the state are committed to providing comprehensive care management, care coordination, referrals to social supports, member and family support, transitional care, health promotion, and population health management. Participating providers receive training and technical assistance, quarterly reports with actionable data, and access to the care coordination tool. Real-time information from the THA Admission Discharge and Transfer (ADT) data program informs the Health Link care coordination tool. These providers are compensated with financial support in the form of activity payments and an opportunity for an annual outcome payment based on quality and efficiency performance. Information about the program may be found at the HCFA website.

Hospitals should be aware that many individuals seen in emergency departments likely will be eligible for Tennessee Health Link services. Individuals in TennCare who have attempted suicide or self-injury, have homicidal ideation or have a new or existing diagnosis of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia are eligible. There also are other eligibility criteria if those are not met.

Because Health Link providers help coordinate community services, this service can be a great resource to hospitals and their patients. This list of Health Link Providers can help hospitals identify the provider(s) in their area to help facilitate referrals for Health Link services.

THA and TennCare hosted a September 2018 webinar for hospitals and Health Link providers.

For additional information, contact Mike Dietrich at THA, 615-401-7459.