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THA and the Tennessee Office of Rural Health are offering hospitals a video-based educational series about health reform. This series of webinars and training modules features a technology-based curriculum and is accessible to member hospitals at any time. Topics include: population health transition framework, rural hospital strategic planning and effective strategies for rural hospitals to embrace population health.

THA recently conducted an assessment to determine Tennessee’s readiness for population health and each hospital’s preparation for implementing population health and health reform strategies. THA also recently launched an initiative to raise awareness of population health and health reform in the Tennessee hospital community.

As part of this initiative, THA and the Tennessee Office of Rural Health are launching the video series to better assist rural hospitals with the transition. The videos are brief (2-3 minutes) and focus on encouraging hospital trustees, managers, staff and other providers to learn about key components of population health in a simple, efficient manner.

The videos in this series summarize strategies for creating a true population health system. The video portfolio contains webinars related to population health, strategic objectives and a roadmap of activities related to the transition framework. In addition to the webinars, the video portfolio includes a set of eight video training modules that focus on the most important components of the transition framework including:

More Health Reform Resources:

Population Health Strategies of Critical Access Hospitals (PDF), Flex Monitoring Team, Aug. 2016

Rural Hospital Toolkit for Transitioning to Value-Based Systems, National Rural Health Resource Center

Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program

A primary focus of the rural issue section of THA is managing the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program, which provides support to the CAH program, an alternative for rural hospitals that offers enhanced reimbursement and opportunities to better match a hospital’s capabilities with a community’s needs.

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