Health Disparities

THA is proudly committed to addressing inequality in the healthcare system in our state.

Health disparities cause adverse impact to individuals who are minorities, LBGTQ, and/or low income.

Studies have shown that these groups are more likely to have chronic conditions along with higher rates of mortality and poorer health outcomes.

THA is working to address these inequalities by:

  • Providing information and guidance on these issues through the THA Council on Inclusion and Health Equity, which promotes strategies to help member hospitals develop culturally competent leaders and staff to improve health outcomes in the communities they serve.
  • Working to address representation in hospital leadership through the Agenda 21 Internship Program which matches minority healthcare students with hospital executives for summer internships in hospitals across the state. The Agenda 21 Internship Program is a 12-week supervised learning experience for qualified minority graduate students interested in healthcare administration or a related field. This experience will help further knowledge and skills and hopefully pave the way for success as leaders in the healthcare industry.
  • Placing doctors, nurses and other medical staff in underserved areas including communities with large minority populations. There are shortages and unequal distributions of the healthcare workforce in Tennessee and the Tennessee Center for Workforce Development supports programs that recruit and place clinicians in shortage areas.

Addressing lack of diversity and the existence of health disparitiesĀ in our nation is a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. It requires everyone working together to address these issues because we can all be part of the solution. At THA we believe we are all better together.