Trustee Webinar Series


Trustees play a significant role in helping their organizations navigate both challenges and opportunities. The COVID-19 global pandemic has produced unparalleled financial and operational strains on hospitals and health systems and makes the future of healthcare delivery and service as unknown as in any time in recent history.

This webinar series will help participants understand the evolving role of boards in crisis situations as well as provide participants with tools to help navigate these challenging times.

Complimentary to all THA member hospitals and is designed for governing boards, CEOs and senior executives, physicians and other leaders with governance responsibilities. 



In order to ensure timely delivery of instructions, THA hospital members must pre-register on line for this event.

All sessions will be offered from noon to 1:00 p.m. CST. Each session will be a 45-minute live or pre-recorded presentation, followed by a live question and answer session.

Log-in information will be sent to individuals registered at least 2 days prior to each event.  Each session will be recorded and available to registrants to view for two weeks after each event.



Continuing Education:

Board Education credit (CBEs)
THA has approved this for 1 hour per session

Healthcare Executives (ACHEQ)
ACHE Qualified Education credit must be related to healthcare management (i.e., it cannot be clinical, inspirational, or specific to the sponsoring organization). It can be earned through educational programs conducted or sponsored by any organization qualified to provide education programming in healthcare management. Programs may be sponsored by ACHE, chapters, or other qualified sources, whether the programming is face-to-face or distance offerings (webinars, online seminars, self-study courses, etc.). You will receive a certificate of completion for 1.0 hour per session.

Participants are responsible for maintaining a record of their ACHE Qualified Education and self-report.


Session 1 – Tuesday, June 30

Governing for Population Health – Increasing Reach, Improving Impact

Now more than ever it is important for boards to understand and include a population health perspective in their decision-making and oversight. While there may be some uncertainty over exactly what our hospitals and health systems will look like post-COVID, ensuring a focus beyond the walls of the hospital will remain a relevant strategy to improve impact and health outcomes.

During this webinar we will explore the board’s shifting role as hospitals and health systems focus on keeping populations healthy, reducing disparities, and improving health equity. How does a board shift its focus, the way it thinks and the way it operates, from the four walls of the hospital to encompass and embrace a community? What are the leadership challenges to becoming a population health board?


Kara Witalis and Brad Clarke
Healthcare Consulting


Session 2 – Thursday, July 30

The Board’s Role as Ambassador and Advocate

Board members represent the communities that their hospital or health system serves. That means board members are often the first people patients or family members turn to when the care or service they get doesn’t meet their expectations. When handled effectively, complaints give board members a chance to help their organization turn the situation around, rebuild satisfaction, and earn back patients’ trust in the hospital and the board.

This webinar will explain the board member’s public-facing role in representing the organization to the community, and guidelines for board member communications outside the organization. We will examine what it takes to become a voice for the community within the organization, and conversely, to be a voice for the organization in the community. We will also explore opportunities that board members have to help rebuild consumer confidence in the hospital or health system. Join us for an indepth discussion of this critical public-facing board member responsibility.


Karma Bass, MPH, FACHE
Healthcare Consulting


Session 3 – Thursday, August 27

Looking for the Silver Lining: Maximizing Innovative Opportunities in the Midst of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted both the access to care for hundreds of thousands of healthcare consumers as well as the methods of accessing health care. Out of necessity, many of the systemic barriers to implementing innovative care delivery methods have been removed as teams across the nation have battled to continue delivering high quality care. How do we ensure that we build upon this innovation within our hospitals and health systems?

During this webinar we will examine ways that organizations are taking advantage of the opportunity to innovate and identify key roles that the board can play in helping to minimize barriers to innovation.


Karma Bass, MPH, FACHE
Healthcare Consulting