When you think of a hospital, what comes to mind? Doctors and nurses? Likely. But what about respiratory therapists, EMTs or lab techs? Maybe. 

How about accountants, data analysts, social workers, cooks and graphic designers? Probably not. But a doctor can’t see a patient if someone hasn’t checked them in. A nurse can’t hand a scalpel to a surgeon if nobody ordered one.

Patient care is a team sport, and it provides endless professional opportunities.


Tennessee hospitals are filled with job possibilities. Whether it’s reading EKGs or making BLTs, writing code or running to a code blue, repairing a heart or repairing the AC, the job for you is just beyond those sliding doors.”

Hospital jobs for everybody.

Hospitals have jobs you can do as a student like food services, patient transport and registration, and cleaning services to long-term clinical careers like nursing, diagnostics, respiratory therapy to non-clinical administrative careers like finance, data analytics, and marketing.

More good news? You can start your hospital career now even if you are still in high school, recently graduated high school, or in college or technical school.

Why work at a Tennessee hospital?

Hospital and healthcare careers are in demand and pay well. The median annual salary for healthcare providers and other health-related technical jobs was roughly $70,000, which was nearly double the median annual wage for all occupations – $41,950.


Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Pay is of course important, but there are many other factors that come into play when choosing a future career. Here are some more reasons hospital jobs are for everybody.

Purposeful Work

Most of us want to feel like the work we do makes a difference. What better way to may a difference in your community than to work at a place that’s literally there to bring babies into the world, save lives, and help all patients improve their overall health?

Tennessee hospitals also support communities on other ways. They employ more than 100,000 people in 75 counties across the state. In fact, in many communities their local hospital is their number one employer. They also support their local communities by providing more than $1 billion in charity care to underserved populations.

Career Growth

You won’t feel “stuck” in a hospital career as these careers offer great room for advancement. Many hospitals help pay tuition for their employees to advance to a higher healthcare degree. For example, as a teen you can get your certified nurse assistant (CNA) certification which can take as little as six weeks and start working at a CNA while you finish high school and throughout your college or technical school. Some high schools even offer CNA programs.

Once you work at a hospital, some facilities may offer tuition assistance to continue your education to work towards becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and then on to a Registered Nurse (RN). RNs can go on to become nurse practitioners, certified nurse anesthetists, or midwives. Salaries for those professions can reach over $150,000 a year. 

Work When You Want Where You Want

Healthcare and hospital careers are some of the most in demand professions in the US and are predicted to continue to be so for years to come. That means YOU will be in demand if you choose to begin a hospital career and with hospitals in 75 of Tennessee’s 95 counties, you can choose to work pretty much anywhere. With an in-demand field, you also have the flexibility to leave the workforce to take care of loved ones, travel, or even launch your side hustle and know there will be a job available when you decide to return to work.

Want more flexibility in your schedule? Most hospitals offer several scheduling options including shifts where you can work for three days and have four days off so you spend more days doing the things you love.

Find out more about how you can be part of what happens in a hospital.

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