Statement from THA President Craig Becker on CBO Score of BCRA

Association Declares Opposition to Legislation

“The release of the Congressional Budget Office’s review of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 affirms one of the greatest concerns for hospitals. With a projected loss of coverage for 22 million Americans, the Senate legislation does not reform healthcare in a way that preserves health coverage.

“Here in Tennessee, uncompensated care provided to the uninsured is a tremendous burden on our hospitals and the CBO score suggests that burden could grow if the BCRA is passed.

“This financial liability on hospitals persists in the face of steep cuts to Medicare provider reimbursement contained in the Affordable Care Act, which are set to remain in place under the proposed legislation. Combined with the long-term funding cuts to Medicaid programs, we fear the BCRA spells doom for healthcare in Tennessee and for the future of our hospitals, especially those in the rural parts of the state.

“Hospitals always will remain committed to caring for the people and communities of Tennessee, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay, but we must recognize the unsustainable circumstances in which these facilities operate. The BCRA only stands to make the current situation much worse.”