THA Workforce Strategies Webinar Series

Hospital & Academic Partnerships

Interested in learning more about collaborative relationships to create a pipeline of nurses? Check out this Workforce Strategies Webinar, focused on Collaborative Academic Partnerships. This session focuses on the efforts between a hospital and a university creating a partnership to increase the nursing pipeline through the UT Nursing Scholars program. We will review the program’s creation and outcomes since its 2023 inception.

Apprenticeship Model & Programs

This webinar covers the workforce pipeline opportunities available via the Apprenticeship Model. Registered apprenticeships have been used in many industries including healthcare for decades and have proven benefits to the employer, employee, and education programs. Check this webinar out to hear about the Registered Apprenticeship model with the Department of Labor and learn about successful programs from local agencies.

Check out this webinar to hear about hospital roles and programs that support learners and employees between 14-17 years of age. In this webinar you can hear about the conditions of employment of minors and how to partner and support your students in work-based learning models. There are also examples from two hospitals that have developed programs to support these models and employ students in healthcare roles.