To accomplish the THA mission, the Association is organized around six key pillars:

  • Advocacy

    Advocacy is THA’s main focus. The association serves as a watchdog on emerging state and federal issues and policies that are of interest to or may affect its diverse membership. THA also serves as the united voice of hospitals and health systems on these issues in the political arena. THA creates legislative proposals requested by the membership or determined to be important by staff in order to support or improve operations and reimbursement of Tennessee hospitals and health systems.

  • Quality and Patient Safety

    Quality and patient safety serves as a critical component of the Association’s work to supporting hospitals in the delivery of safe, quality patient care. This work, which focuses on the goal “zero preventable harm” supports hospital efforts to reduce and eliminate hospital acquired conditions and infections. The Tennessee Center for Patient Safety leads this work for the Association.

  • Neutral Healthcare Forum

    As a neutral healthcare forum, THA is able to provide an opportunity for members to “check their guns at the door” and have reasonable discussions about issues that could divide the hospital industry in Tennessee. THA also builds coalitions and creates opportunities for dialogue on controversial issues with others involved in healthcare financing and delivery.

  • Information and Technology

    The THA Health Information Network (HIN) was formed in 1999 by the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) to assist member hospitals in meeting the requirements for data reporting mandated by state law. Through services like the THA MarketIQ, as well as partnerships with other associations and leading industry vendors, the THA HIN provides members with the products, services, consulting and technical support they need to improve their facility's efficiency, effectiveness and quality of care.

  • Products and Services

    Products and services is a diverse, vital pillar. It covers all of the various dues-based and fee-based services offered to by THA to its members. This includes areas such as reimbursement, performance improvement, small and rural hospital support, workforce development and THA Solutions Group.

  • Education

    Education keeps hospital executives, managers, board members, as well as clinical and non-clinical staff, knowledgeable about the quickly changing aspects of healthcare. This includes regulatory requirements, as well as addressing day-to-day operational needs.