More information and guidance on how to prevent the spread of the disease can be found at the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) website. Further information regarding the COVID-19 case was released by TDH.

THA is closely monitoring the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and is regularly communicating with key officials to ensure we can be responsive to member needs and concerns. THA President and CEO Dr. Wendy Long is working with state officials as part of Governor Lee’s Coronavirus Task Force which is working to coordinate efforts to prevent, identify, and treat potential cases of COVID-19 in Tennessee.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDS) and the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) continue to be the best resources for current COVID-19 information.

You can sign up for regular TDH updates on what Tennessee is doing to prepare by emailing

Current information that may be helpful in guiding hospitals’ response to COVID-19 is available at the sites listed below.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Latest updates on the COVID-19 situation.

COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance Summary

COVID-19 Hospital Preparedness Assessment Tool

COVID-19 Forecasts

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Guidance Documents for U.S. Healthcare Facilities about Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Preparedness and Guidance documents by Facility Type

Checklists for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers Preparing for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

Evaluating and Testing Persons for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 

Diagnostic Tests and Antibody Blood Tests

Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings

Clinical Care Guidance for Healthcare Professionals about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Interim Clinical Guidance for Management of Patients with Confirmed Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical Specimens from Persons for COVID-19

Interim Considerations for Infection Prevention and Control of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Inpatient Obstetric Healthcare Settings

Interim Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines for Handling and Processing Specimens Associated with COVID-19

Discontinuation of Transmission-Based Precautions and Disposition of Patients with COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings (Interim Guidance)

Discontinuation of Isolation for Persons with COVID-19 Not in Healthcare Settings

Collection and Submission of Postmortem Specimens from Deceased Persons with Known or Suspected COVID-19, March 2020 (Interim Guidance)

Resources for Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals Preparing for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

Priorities for Testing Patients with Suspected COVID-19

Information for Laboratories

Information for Pediatric Healthcare Providers

Considerations for Providing Hemodialysis to Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 in Acute Care Settings

Alternative Care Sites and Isolation Sites

Prepare to Care for COVID-19: Get Your Practice Ready

Strategies for Optimizing PPE

Decontamination and Reuse of Filtering Facepiece Respirators using Contingency and Crisis Capacity Strategies 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Burn Rate Calculator

Training for Healthcare Professionals

Communication Resources - Updated communication resources to be used for patient, family and public health education on COVID-19. Available in several languages. 

Downloadable Videos - to be used for patient, family and public health education on COVID-19. Available in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.

Mitigate Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages

Additional resources for healthcare facilities

FAQs (Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Personnel Responding to COVID-19)

FAQs (Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control): Includes information on environmental service workers

FAQs (Healthcare Professionals)

FAQs (Healthcare Providers: COVID-19 and Pregnant Women)

Global Cases of COVID-19 (Johns Hopkins map)

Guidance for Building Water Systems

Elastomeric Respirators: Strategies During Conventional and Surge Demand Situations

Options to Reduce Quarantine for Contacts of Persons with SARS-CoV-2 Infection Using Symptom Monitoring and Diagnostic Testing

Tennessee Department of Health
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
Other Federal Government Agencies
Who to Contact at THA about COVID-19 Issues

In an effort to ensure our members have the most current information possible, THA has assigned primary internal contacts on various topics related to COVID-19.

Executive Orders and State Legislation: Joe Burchfield

Clinical, PPE Guidance, Elective Surgeries and Visitation Policies: Chris Clarke

Supplies: Mike Dietrich and Adrienne Nordman

Staffing and Child Care for Healthcare Workers: Kelly Insana

Telehealth and Rural Health Issues: Bill Jolley

Federal Waivers, Regulations and TennCare: Amanda Newell

Billing and Compliance: Gwyn Walters

Media: Kelly Insana and Kristin Day